100 Thieves Steel thinks Sova is the best Valorant Agent
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There has been plenty of debates over who the best Agent in Valorant actually is. According to 100 Thieves player, Josh “Steel” Nissan, the best Valorant Agent is Sova, but no one plays him, and instead, they pick popular duelists. Here’s more about Sova and Steel.

Is Sova the best Agent?

Sova is classified as an Initiator in Valorant and has several useful abilities. He can use his Recon Bolt ability to learn about where opponents might be. He can then use his Owl Drone to find exactly where they are if need be. Both of these abilities help his teammates by giving them intel on the opponent. If Sova knows where his opponents are, he can use his Shock Darts to deal damage to them. He can also use his ultimate if he has it to even potentially get picks. His combination of utility and damage makes him a great teammate and individual Agent.

Most players, according to Steel, however, would rather play duelists and bait their teammates than helping their teams by playing Sova. Duelist Agents include Jett, Pheonix, Raze, Reyna, and Yoru and have abilities that help them pick up kills. While most of them offer some form of utility, they aren’t nearly as team-focused. Who the best Agent is, however, is up for debate. Steel certainly seems to think it’s Sova.

Who is Steel?

Steel is a 31-year-old Valorant player for 100 Thieves who formerly played Counter-Strike. He has been playing shooters competitively since 2010. Recently, his team, 100 Thieves, came first place in the Valorant First Strike North America tournament. Steel typically plays Cypher and Killjoy in tournaments.

Steel has plenty of experience playing shooters and Valorant, so he is as qualified as anyone to give his opinion on who the best Agent is. Who do you think the best Agent is? Is Steel right that players prioritize Duelists over Agents like Sova? Let us know in the comments.