100Thieves Next sign Gamsu as he returns to League of Legends
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100 Thieves has signed former Overwatch League player Noh “Gamsu” Yeong-jin to their amateur League of Legends team, 100 Thieves Next. This marks the return to competitive League of Legends Gamsu mentioned when he retired from Overwatch. Going back to his favored top lane, Gamsu is returning to the first major esports game he played after five years away.

“We’re excited to announce the starting roster for our 100 Thieves Next LoL program moving into Summer 2021. Top: @GamsuLoL, Jungle: @ChadJungleLoL, Mid: @youngmidlol, ADC: @InstincttLoL, Support: @busioclol. Look out for them as they take on Challengers Uprising next week! #100T,” the 100 Thieves Esports account tweeted.

Gamsu’s League of Legends career

Back in 2014, Gamsu started by playing for League of Legends teams like Dignitas and Fnatic. Having always been a top-laner, his favorite hero is Maokai. Arguably, the best showcase of his skills was back at the NA LCS in the Summer of 2015. On Team Dignitas, he earned MVP for week four, notably beating Team Liquid with Jarvan IV.

Gamsu on Dignitas
Photo provided by Team Dignitas | Gamsu on the middle-right

After moving to Fnatic, he worked to his best finish in a League competition. At the Intel Extreme Masters Season X World Championship in Katowice, Poland, they reached the finals against SK Telecom T1. Fnatic lost three games to none, but reaching that final was Gamsu’s best finish at that time. He was a good top laner at the top level within League of Legends.

Gamsu’s Overwatch career

However, Overwatch was released a year later and Gamsu retired from League in 2016. Aspiring to play in the Overwatch League, he played for APEX team CONBOX. After three seasons alongside future talents such as Lee “Twilight” Joo-seok and Park “Architect” Minho, he signed to the Boston Uprising. In the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, Gamsu surprised everyone with the Uprising’s great start. Boston proved to be a top-tier team, and Gamsu was key to their roster. Playing the main tank role in Overwatch, his Reinhardt and Winston play alongside his team was amongst the best in the league.

Gamsu Boston Uprising
Photo from Activision Blizzard

The next two years proved to be very interesting for Gamsu, as he was signed to the Shanghai Dragons to help their new roster win. Not only did they win, but they won stage three versus the San Francisco Shock. This was Gamsu’s first tournament win in any esport. Afterwards, he moved to the Dallas Fuel but faced issues, underperforming during the third season. He retired at the end of that season, announcing his attempted return to competitive League of Legends. As of 2021, this marks his fifth year away.

Now Gamsu has signed with 100 Thieves’ amateur League team 100 Thieves Next and will play this summer. We’ll have to see if he can grind his way back to the top after all the changes that have happened in League of Legends.

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