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This year’s Worlds Championship is offering exclusive rewards to League of Legends players. Similar to the LCS and LEC Summer split, Drops will come back for Worlds and includes exclusive content. This year’s tournament will present players with fun challenges, so they can get the most of the Drops feature.

Receiving Drops while watching worlds

Players will only be eligible to receive Drops if they are logged in to the official LoL esports site. Additionally, viewers must watch a live game, not VODs or a Rebroadcast, to receive Drops. Once a Drop happens, viewers will see a little notification pop up on the right side of the screen. Clicking it reveals details of the Drop. Viewers can also go visit the rewards website if they end up missing a Drop. Lucky viewers will receive rare iridescent Drops with bigger rewards.

These Drops will most likely happen during moments in competitive play, but it’s not guaranteed that one will drop.

Some competitive moments include:

    • Anytime in each stage that a Pentakill happens
    • The first time in a stage where the Dragon Soul is taken
    • Anytime a series goes to game five
    • Anytime a pro player gets over 450 CS in a single game and then anytime a player after that beats the record that was just set
    • During the Opening Ceremony of Finals
    • If a North American Team wins (NA Fans Only)
    • During the third Ace achieved in each stage
    • Loot will also be dropped for a few surprising moments, such as when a team is upset, a team is on a streak, casters are going crazy over a massive play, and other meme-worthy moments

The loot in these Drops contains a variety of rewards, such as:

    • 10-Year Commemorative Esports Capsules
    • Custom Branded Hextech Chests from our partners
    • Lolesports.com Minion Icons
    • Discount Codes from our partners
    • Exclusive Music content from our partners
    • Lolesports.com Ward Skins and Emotes
    • Worlds Tokens
    • Blue Essence
    • Each Drop will come with an exclusive piece of collectible art that can be viewed on the rewards page anytime

YouTube Drops

Starting on September 25, players can earn an in-game Drop of legacy esports content by linking their Riot account with their YouTube account and watching Worlds.

What kind of Drops are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends news and updates.