Activision releases full details on how to rank up in Modern Warfare
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For weeks, we’ve known with near certainty that Modern Warfare would be switching things up with regards to prestige. In a leak from multiple inside sources, it was reported that ranking up wouldn’t be based around a prestige system. Instead, seasonal ranks would replace prestiging, though some of the same elements would stay in place. Earlier today, Activision released a blog post that outlined this exact system and provided some all-new details. So, let’s dive in and see just how ranking up will work in Modern Warfare, which launches a week from today on Oct 24.

Seasonal ranks replacing traditional prestige in Modern Warfare

For longtime Call of Duty players, the prestige system was all too familiar. It was in every title since the original Modern Warfare in 2007, rarely changing along the way. However, in Modern Warfare, this system is being put to bed for the time being.

Infinity Ward felt that the system was getting too stale and could use a readjustment. While they did implement many new changes to ranking up, some of the past elements remain to keep the core Call of Duty feeling present.

You can read everything about this new ranking system here. Essentially, Modern Warfare will keep the leveling system from past CODs in place. Starting out, you enter what is called Enlisted Ranks, which go from levels 1-55. Within these ranks, you unlock weapons, killstreaks, perks, and field upgrades, just like every year.

After you reach level 55, though, things start changing. Once you complete level 55, you enter what is called Officer Ranks. There are 100 ranks in the Officer section of the system, offering different rewards and challenges along the way. At level 1 and 100 of the Officer Ranks, you will receive a cosmetic weapon blueprint.

Modern Warfare ranking

In addition to the challenges themselves, every 10 challenges completed will reward you with an emblem. If you complete 100 challenges, you receive an animated emblem that you can show off proudly. These Officer Ranks reset every new season (roughly 2-3 months), but your Enlisted Rank never resets. This means once you unlock any base item, you keep it unlocked forever.

How to earn XP for the new ranking system

With all of these new levels, there need to be a plethora of ways to rank up, which there are. Modern Warfare will bring back the traditional multiplayer challenges found in the Barracks. However, there will also be Daily and Officer challenges along with weapon camo challenges.

Speaking off weapon camos, Activision says that each weapon will come with around 100 different camo patterns. These camos, along with weapon attachments, are unlocked through leveling up that specific weapon. There are roughly 80 levels for each weapon.

In addition to the above content, Modern Warfare will also come with free post-launch content. Maps, weapons, and cosmetics are all included within that.

What do you think about the new ranking system? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage!

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