Activision says Modern Warfare will have a Battle Pass, not supply drops
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In a crazy turn of events, Activision has come out and publicly stated that Modern Warfare will not have supply drops. For the first time since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, there will be no supply drops in multiplayer. Though it’s shocking to see this come to fruition, we did have an inkling something like this could happen. However, it’s a somewhat unbelievable announcement that has fans both excited and cautious heading into Modern Warfare.

Activision will instead replace supply drops with a Fortnite-esque Battle Pass that will release with every new season. However, the Battle Pass will not be at launch, so players have some time to play the base game first.

Supply drops a thing of the past in Call of Duty

Thanks to some leaks from everyone’s favorite insider, TheGamingRevolution, we already knew this was a possibility. To see it come to light, however, is something completely different, as Activision is known for their greedy business practices.

It seems as though the publisher is turning over a new leaf, though, and they’re starting with Modern Warfare. In a blog post, they made it very clear that no supply drops will enter into Modern Warfare, ever. According to Activision:

  • We are introducing a new Battle Pass system, not a loot box system.
  • All functional content that has an impact on game balance, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked simply by playing the game.

This might be the best news Call of Duty fans have heard in a long, long time. For years, the community has been asking Activision to stop with the incessant introduction of supply drops. Of course, they didn’t listen at the time, but it finally seems like they are.

Modern Warfare supply drops
This image from the Modern Warfare beta seems to be defunct with Activision’s announcement

Instead of supply drops, Modern Warfare will introduce a Battle Pass with every new season the game has. This Battle Pass will feature cosmetic-only items, and you can even earn COD points within the Battle Pass. To level up the Pass, you just need to play Modern Warfare.

Like most other games, there will be a Free and Premium Battle Pass. The Premium pass will offer more and better-looking loot but will presumably cost $10. However, you aren’t required to purchase it, which is the whole point. Activision said this about the Battle Pass:

The new Battle Pass system will allow players to see the content that they are earning or buying. Battle Passes will launch timed to new, post-launch live seasons, so you can unlock cool new Modern Warfare-themed content that matches each season.

When will the Battle Pass come to Modern Warfare?

In order to preserve the day-one experience, the Battle Pass will launch later in the year. This gives players time to unlock all of the base items in the game before earning the rewards within the Battle Pass.

Modern Warfare supply drops Battle Pass

However, some fans are weary that this delay gives Activision more time to go back on their word and reintroduce supply drops. Well, according to the publisher themselves and other sources, supply drops will never enter into Modern Warfare. Here’s what Activision said about their new system:

Please know we are committed to delivering a fair system guided by the principles we’ve outlined here, and will continue to monitor feedback and player engagement to help us achieve that goal.

In addition to this new loot system, there will also be free maps and other items given to all players post-launch. So, theoretically, you don’t have to pay for any extra content except if you buy the Premium Battle Pass.

What the Battle Pass holds remains to be seen, though. Could Activision slip some game-changing weapons into the paid Battle Pass? Only time will tell. For right now, though, things are trending up for Modern Warfare.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.