Allegiant Stadium of the NFL reveals first look at its new Twitch lounge
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The new home of the Las Vegas Raiders football team, Allegiant Stadium, is now also home to a Twitch lounge. Located in the heart of the stadium, this space is decked out in Twitch’s signature purple color scheme. There looks to be a bar along with other seating which is all pointed to different TVs. Presumably, once the lounge is up and running, the screens will be home to various live streams going on from within the stadium.

Twitch lounge revealed inside of Allegiant Stadium

The NFL and Twitch have a running partnership that didn’t start with this new promotion. Various streamers like NICKMERCS, FemSteph, and TimTheTatman have all had sponsored streams in the past where they streamed Thursday Night Football games. This was also to promote Amazon’s stake in the NFL, as the games broadcast live on Prime Video.

However, this is the first concrete piece of Twitch branding that an NFL team has established. The Las Vegas Raiders put this new Twitch lounge in the heart of Allegiant Stadium and will be home to more than just some fancy screens.

las vegas raiders twitch lounge
Image via Las Vegas Raiders
Image via Las Vegas Raiders

In a press release, that also showed some pictures of the lounge, one representative stated that the Twitch lounge will be home to everything streaming and esports. Apparently, there will be events held in this space along in both a casual and competitive environment.

Of course, this kind of thing won’t be able to occur until the COVID-19 pandemic has calmed down significantly. Still, it’s fantastic to see the initiative taken by the NFL and the Raiders. Twitch and esports are going to be intertwined with regular sports more and more often as the industry continues to boom. The future only looks bright for esports and live streaming as a whole.

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