Amazing Fortnite Kevin the Cube concept skin goes viral on Reddit
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The return of Kevin the Cube to Fortnite is imminent. Instead of rolling across the map causing havoc like in Season 6, Kevin will now have its own POI in Season X. Coming with Tuesday’s v10.20 content update, the cube POI will reside over Fatal Fields as the Rift Beacon strikes yet again.

While many are excited for the return of Fortnite‘s giant purple cube, one fan took their excitement an extra step. Posted on Reddit, the user by the name of I-E-L drew up their own Kevin the Cube concept skin, along with an entire bundle to go with it.

Kevin the Cube concept skin blows up

On the multitude of Fortnite subreddits, skin concepts are not abnormal. With how much creativity Fortnite allows, it’s no wonder that there are so many different fan ideas for in-game skins.

The fact that there are so many concepts makes it all the more impressive when one goes viral. This is the case with one particular Kevin the Cube skin that was posted to the FortNiteBR subreddit. User I-E-L hand drew an outfit, glider, pickaxe, and back blings for this skin bundle.

Kevin/Cube Skin concept from FortNiteBR

The drawings are extremely well-done and more creative than most fan concepts. What immediately sticks out is the glider. Depicting the Season 6 Loot Lake island, this glider would be a phenomenal addition to Fortnite.

But really, the entire bundle would make for a great inclusion in anyone’s skin locker. The biggest question is whether or not Epic Games would take this concept and turn it into an actual in-game skin. They’ve taken fan ideas before, and this concept would certainly warrant some attention. Not only that, but Fortnite also has skins for various in-game characters, such as the TomatoHead and Durr Burger.

Fortnite skins
Fortnite has added in two iconic characters as skins in the TomatoHead and Durr Burger

The subreddit this was posted to is developer-supported, so there is a high chance at least one Epic Games employee saw this design. Hopefully, they at least entertain the notion of adding a skin like this to Fortnite.

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