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News of delays and cancellations have been common in 2020. With the release of the new console generation, pre-orders have been high for both consoles. However, it does seem the PlayStation 5 sold plenty of consoles from pre-order alone. Fans who did so on time and got their orders in quickly do have to be cautious though. Amazon already mentioned possible delays for the Xbox Series X. But, it seems like that’s happening to PS5 purchases as well. Amazon recently has sent out a similar email mentioning possible PS5 delays into 2021 for console delivery.

With how much companies need to make money in this crazy year, the console release was a good opportunity. From GameStop to Walmart, plenty of companies put their pre-orders for the PS5 out early. In doing so, fans were hopping on to get that pre-order, to the extent of waiting days on end. It’s no surprise to learn that these companies put too many pre-orders out than their stock would be at release. Of course, the outcome of this is delays for some customers, most likely for months. Some customers might get it on time, but some will get it very late, even after Christmas and into 2021.


Much like the release of the PS4, the same issues are prevalent. A lot of customers, not enough consoles created at launch. And the fact that we’re in a pandemic and more people who wouldn’t get the console due to work are now working from home means more customers. Hopefully these delays aren’t as bad as they seem, but either way, make sure to check your PS5 pre-orders from now until release day. The release day for the PS5 is November 12, worldwide. For all customers who pre-ordered, I hope the arrival time is close to that day.

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