AOC discusses playing League of Legends on stream
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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC, had another Among Us stream tonight where she played the game with other popular gaming personalities. During the stream, she discussed her experiences playing League of Legends.

For those who don’t know, AOC has played League of Legends for quite some time and shared that she reached Silver III earlier this year in July. Tonight she talked about what role she plays, the Champions she plays, and some of her thoughts on the popular MOBA.

AOC discusses playing League

The first thing she discussed was what role she plays in League of Legends. AOC’s preferred role is support. When discussing her favorite champions, she mentioned “Sona, Janna, Lux, Morgana, a couple others.” She also said that she likes to play “defensive Champions aggressively.”

Next, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker asked her if “having to keep your cool in League of Legends chat has helped your political career when it comes to maintaining some decorum in congress?”

She responded by saying that she does think it has helped her political career. “Getting caught in Elo Hell really requires so much patience. You’re playing with 12-year-olds that are rage quitting five minutes into a game, it really builds your patience.”

‘Elo Hell’ generally refers to the lower rank tiers, like Iron, Bronze, or in AOC’s case, Silver. The volume of rage quitters (people who ditch their teams mid-match out of frustration) and toxic players (those prone to verbally abuse their teammates when things aren’t going well) is generally pretty bad at lower ranks, but it’s not exclusive to those ranks. These issues have plagued the League of Legends community at all ranks since the game’s inception.

However, AOC’s experience with the toxic side of the player base wasn’t enough to drive her away from gaming, as her latest stream showed. She will surely have another stream in the future, so if you’re interested, be sure to give her a follow on her Twitch Channel.

It’s still so cool to see such a prominent political figure becoming a part of the community.