Apex Legends data-mine leak reveals details about "angry" flyers
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One of the most hyped up additions to Apex Legends in Season 2 will arguably be the new creatures. Planet Solace’s native fauna – and mega-fauna – is fascinating and terrifying. While chances are the Leviathans will just have a narrative effect on the game, we know for a fact that the flyers will interact with players. Recent leaks from Twitter user That1MiningGuy provide a big insight into what that might be like.

Angry birds

We know Apex Legends players will contend with the flyers in a unique part of the game called Beast Hunter. Whether that will be a limited time event or a standalone mode is not known yet. However, considering the amount of assets and code going into the flyers, I’d guess the latter is more likely.

In Titanfall, flyers had the ability to snatch up minions and carry them away. They didn’t attack players but were still a formidable and difficult to kill NPC.

Titanfall flyer
Unfortunate Grunt getting carried away by a flyer in Titanfall.

It’s almost certain they can and will attack players in Apex Legends. The code discovered in the game’s files shows the flyers will respond to noticing players and shift between states like Cautious and Angry.

Flying loot?

The code also curiously features a number of lines referring to “flyers with deathboxes.” It seems the animal will actually be a unique loot delivery system. It’s unclear whether they will carry loot physically – as actual deathboxes carried in its talons – or if they will drop loot on death. The actual answer may be something completely different.

Apex Legends data-mine leak shows flyers can carry loot and deathboxes

One big question not answered by these leaks is, how dangerous will the flyers really be? Would they present an actual threat to players or act more like flying loot piñatas? Considering how active the data-mine scene for Apex Legends is, that answer may be answered soon, too. At this rate, it seems the entire upcoming Beast Hunter game mode may be leaked before Season 2 even begins.