Apex Legends dev team expands, preparing for mobile and China release
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EA just released the prepared remarks for its 2020 Q2 earnings call, and it seems Apex Legends has become an even bigger revenue driver for the company over the past three months. EA is evidently really happy with the the success of Respawn’s Titanfall-adjacent battle royale. COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen made that clear in no uncertain terms. “We anticipate net bookings for the quarter to be… up 21% year-on-year, driven by live services, particularly Apex Legends and Ultimate Team,” Jorgensen said. “We’re investing in Apex Legends as our shooter in fiscal 2021.”

Naturally, EA plans to capitalize on this success and keep it going by expanding to new markets. That of course means bringing Apex Legends to mobile and officially launching the game in China. Both goals have been on the company’s itinerary for months, but it seems they may be getting closer to reality.

Apex Legends China mobile EA earnings call

Apex Legends mobile

“With the Apex Legends community now growing past 70 million players, we’re focused on expanding to mobile, new platforms and new geographies,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated in the remarks. To power up this expansion, EA is beefing up the game’s development budget. “We’re expanding our Apex Legends team to deliver our content plans for [the 2021 fiscal year], and we will reach new audiences through mobile and across Asia.”

China is by far the biggest and most contentious audience Asia has to offer. It will be interesting to see what changes the game undergoes to fit between the bars of the country’s strict content regulations. On the mobile side, an Apex Legends port may prove almost equally challenging to pull off due to mechanical limitations. Nevertheless, EA seem confident in expanding to both frontiers. Jorgensen notes they expect Apex Legends — among other titles — to drive growth in their mobile division in fiscal 2021.

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