Apex Legends Ranked mode preview: camping discouraged, aggression rewarded
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Apex Legends community manager Jay Frechette posted a preview of the Ranked mode coming in Season 2. It seems the system will use a straightforward point system, allowing players to climb from Bronze League all the way to Apex Predator.

Kills equal skills

While getting kills will let players quickly gain Ranked points, they will also earn them for finishing matches among the final surviving teams. As such, pacifists can still comfortably climb the ranks, up to a point. As you can see below, playing in the higher leagues will cost you Ranked points unless you perform.

APex Legends ranked

Once a player makes into Apex Predator league, they will have to finish among the final teams or score at least five kills per match just to keep their standing. However, demotion only happens within your league; no amount of bad matches will knock you into a lower league.

Quitters never win

Season 2 of Apex Legends will also bring the quitter penalty system into full effect. Players who leave a match early will be temporarily barred from joining another match. This is in effect in both Ranked and casual matchmaking. The penalty is five minutes, but it increases with each repeated offense. Players can be put on time out for as long as a week.

Apex‘s loss forgiveness system is also becoming a bigger factor. Players may lose less ranked points if they played well, even if they were knocked out of the match quickly. In the example Frechette gives, a player who would normally suffer a penalty for getting knocked out early will now actually preserve their standing if they grabbed some kills before going down. This system will promote aggressive play and discourage camping.

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Challenges

Battle trophies

Much like Richter from Titanfall 2, players climbing the Ranked ladder in Apex Legends will enjoy the spoils of victory. Unlike Richter’s grizzly mementos, though, these rewards will come in the form of end-of-season cosmetics. Players will earn badges and, at the higher leagues, weapons cosmetics and unique dive trails.

Frechette emphasizes that all of these conditions and rules may change. The Ranked mode will evolve as Respawn collects more information on what determines skill in Apex Legends.

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