Apex Legends Season 7: Olympus to replace Kings Canyon in Ranked
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The official news about Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension has the community extremely excited for what’s to come. Earlier today, Respawn confirmed several new pieces of content coming to the game on November 4. First and foremost, there’s a new map of Olympus, the addition of vehicles, the Trident, and the poster legend Horizon. While all of that is undoubtedly the headline for many players, there was also a smaller piece of information revealed. This tidbit is in relation to Ranked play in Apex Legends and is a prayer answered for many. With Season 7, Kings Canyon will no longer be featured in Ranked.

Olympus replacing Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Ranked

Since its arrival in Season 4, the player base has been calling for Respawn Entertainment to remove the original map from Ranked. While it’s nice from a nostalgia standpoint, the map simply no longer works in a competitive environment. The locations are too close together and the loot is subpar compared to World’s Edge. Pro players have even called Respawn out for these facts.

However, when Olympus was rumored to be arriving with Season 7, there was a glimmer of hope. Some believed that the new map’s introduction would force Kings Canyon out of the Ranked splits once and for all. Well, the hopes have been realized, as it will only be World’s Edge and Olympus in Ranked moving forward.

olympus apex legends season 7 ranked
The Olympus map is taking over Kings Canyon’s spot in the Ranked Series split. Image via EA

Season 7 begins on November 4 and with it comes a brand new Apex Legends Ranked Series split. The first split for the series will be played solely on Olympus, as Respawn wants to give players a chance to get used to it. However, on December 15, the second split begins and World’s Edge will be the playable map.

This is a great decision by Respawn, as Kings Canyon was simply too outdated. Although, in order for it to remain a great decision, Olympus needs to be a solid map.

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