Apex Legends spaceship landing site for Season 4 could be known
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There’s plenty of intrigue surrounding Apex Legends Season 4. From the confusion about which Legend will arrive to the teasers Respawn is subtly throwing out, no one knows what’s going to happen come Feb. 4. However, another piece to the mystery involves the strange spaceship hovering above the World’s Edge sky.

Three blue lights have been emanating from the machine since last week, and there are some guesses as to what it is. Though, another big question is where the spaceship will land once it eventually comes down to the ground. There seems to be an in-game hint that could provide the answer.

Where will the spaceship land in Apex Legends?

Of course, everything at this point is pure speculation. We’re not even certain the three blue lights in the sky belong to a spaceship. Nonetheless, the most recent leaks suggest the ship is holding a Harvester, which sucks resources out of the ground. Currently, the theory is the Harvester will arrive with Season 4 and drain the World’s Edge map of its resources. After the season ends, we’ll either return to Kings Canyon or move to another map.

Apex Legends Harvester
A Harvester in action within the Titanfall universe

That’s merely a theory, though the logic of it makes sense. However, we have something more concrete involving where the ship will land, if it will at all. Right now in Apex Legends, there’s a sign near Fuel Depot. Players can interact with the sign to make a Hammond Robotics logo appear from a nearby projector. It’s here that some believe the spaceship will land.

If the ship does contain a Harvester, the most logical spot for it to land is a place with ample amounts of fuel. Also, it’s believed that the Harvester and Hammond Robotics are linked somehow. So, while it’s not concrete evidence, it does add up.

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