Apex Legends teases new map changes in advance of Season 2
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As we get closer to Season 2, Respawn continues to provide the Apex Legends community with little teasers and hints. Today, a silent update switched up a few things in Kings Canyon. The most noticeable change? Repulsor is online.

Wildlife intrusions into arena

The official Apex Legends twitter account posted the cryptic message you can see below a couple of hours ago. Apparently, the Repulsor tower has been in a state of disrepair for some time now. That explains how the flyers were able to intrude into the arena last week. Now repaired and amplified, according to the post, the Repulsor should start… repulsing again.

Apex Legends players were quick to notice the in-game effect of this message. The Repulsor tower, which until now was completely static, is now spinning slowly and emitting a low sound. As community theorists That1MiningGuy and FrozenFroh noted, this is likely part of the events which will lead into Season 2 of the game.


According to the current consensus, the Repulsor tower will be sabotaged by as-of-yet unreleased legend Crypto. This would unleash larger and more dangerous lifeforms into Kings Canyon.

Titanfall Apex Legends concept art
Titanfall concept art shows flyer variants that appear larger and more ferocious than what is currently floating around the arena.

What’s next?

While Respawn has not commented on any of the community theories, lead producer Drew McCoy did tease the arrival of the Leviathans onto the island. This, along with Repulsor suddenly coming online, ties in with the speculations we have heard from theorists. After all, the Repulsor tower would have to be functioning in order to be sabotaged in the first place.

The second season of Apex Legends begins next week, on July 2. We will likely see more changes happening in Kings Canyon between now and then.

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