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Halo Infinite’s technical preview for the multiplayer featured some of the franchise’s most popular weapons. The MA40 AR, Sidekick, and Needler are all back in Halo Infinite, but they are only a few of the rumored 60+ weapons that 343 Industries should reveal on release. Here are all 14 weapons Spartans can choose from in the Halo Infinite preview ranked on their effectiveness to kill.

14. Ravager

Ravager in Halo Infinite
Ravager in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

This burst-firing weapon fires globs of punishing plasma but is arguably one of the worst plasma weapons in the technical preview. The Ravager feels clunky in-game and isn’t an effective killing machine.

13. Plasma Pistol

Plasma Pistol in Halo Infinite
Plasma Pistol in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

The semi-automatic plasma energy weapon can produce a scaling-durst effect that strips shielded targets. If players are looking to break down shields, the Plasma Pistol is the best pick. But, its long charge time and lack of damage output brings it just barely above the Ravager.

12. Shock Rifle

Shock Rifle in Halo Infinite
Shock Rifle in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

The Shock Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle intended to support from a long distance. When shot near two enemies, it will chain the damage in a form of a “shock” which is helpful for battle-field-like situations. However, the shock value of the rifle is lost in regular multiplayer modes or in 1v1s.

11. CQS48 Bulldog

CQS48 Bulldog in Halo Infinite
CQS48 Bulldog in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

Shotguns are useful in up-close situations, but the Bulldog lacks the punch of shotguns from other titles. Unless the enemy is low on health, players will have to fire this a few times (preferably at the head) to get the desired damage wanted.

10. MA40 AR

MA40 AR in Halo Infinite
MA40 AR in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

This one gun is painfully low because it’s the rifle that is available to everyone at the start of the game and the most common rifle. Compared to the other weapons demonstrated in the technical preview, it lacks punch and appears to take forever to get a kill with.

9. Sidekick Pistol

Sidekick Pistol in Halo Infinite
Sidekick Pistol in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

Yes, the Sidekick Pistol is higher on the list than the main AR in Halo. This is because it feels more like a heavy pistol from other titles and is great for finishing off enemies when they are low on health. That or it is a great resource for when the MA40 runs out of ammunition.

8. M41 SPNKR

M41 SPNKR in Halo Infinite
M41 SPNKR in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

Simply put, this shoulder-mounted rocket launcher deals hefty damage. It is best used in larger maps where there are more than four Spartans on the enemy team, but it can still be annoying to deal with on these smaller maps.

7. BR75

BR75 in Halo Infinite
BR75 in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

The three-round burst rifle is an upgraded version of the MA40 but still lacks the punch even in mid-range fights compared to other weapons. However, the scope on the weapon is a welcomed visibility assistant.

6. Pulse Carbine

Pulse Carbine
Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

This is essentially the BR75 in a plasma weapon with the addition of projectiles that can track targets. Where the Pulse Carbine lacks the scope that the BR75 has, it makes up for with the tracking abilities. Overall, a go-to weapon for any mid-range battle.

5. S7 Sniper

S7 Sniper
S7 Sniper in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

For a generic sniper, the S7 is great for long-range and has an added feature of two zoom distances. However, the caveat here is that headshots kill most targets instantly, but not all. Regardless, the S7 is a great sniper for any long-ranged fight.

4. Heatwave

Heatwave in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

A hardlight weapon that fires six projectiles in a set pattern, the semi-automatic weapon does great damage in two different forms. When not scoped in the pattern is linear, while scoped the pattern gathers in the middle and becomes the perfect Spartan shape.

3. VK78 Commando

VK78 Commando
VK78 Commando in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

The Commando is everything that the MA40 wishes it could be. It has a great scope for mid or long-range fights and a higher damage rate for faster killing. The one downside to this rifle is its heavy recoil, which is harder to control.

2. Skewer

Skewer in Halo Infinite
Skewer in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

This kinetic weapon is everything that the S7 isn’t. While still a sniper, the Skewer does high levels of damage by shooting a single spike that will kill anything in its path. The only downside here is that it must be reloaded after every shot which may require the user to take cover from the enemy.

1. Needler

Needler in Halo Infinite
Needler in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries

A Halo classic, the Needler is the perfect side weapon for any Spartan in battle. They can be found across multiple maps and are easy to control. With crystalline shards that track, impale, and detonate what’s not to love about this small hand-canon?

Danny Appleford is an esports journalist for Upcomer that started writing for Daily Esports in 2020. He now specializes in articles surrounding League of Legends, Call of Duty, VALORANT and Halo.