Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4: release date and more
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As Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War draws to a close, Season 4 has become the focus. Activision released the official gameplay trailer for the new season earlier today and showcased a plethora of exciting details. Each title is receiving a free content update on June 17; Season 4’s official release date.

Season 4 is taking the story for both titles in a completely new direction. There’s an emphasis on satellites and space and a brand new villain is entering the fold. This culminates with several new maps coming to Black Ops Cold War, including a possible Zombies map, and a new POI and Gulag layout for Warzone.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 4 details

Black Ops Cold War

There will be at least three new maps coming to Cold War in Season 4. This includes the following multiplayer maps:

  • Collateral (6v6, 12v12)
  • Amsterdam (2v2)
  • Hijacked (6v6)

Veterans of Call of Duty will instantly recognize the last map on the list. The fan-favorite Hijacked from Black Ops 2 is returning in Cold War. This continues the trend of BO2 maps arriving in multiplayer, as both Raid and Standoff are currently in the game. The other two are more related to the season’s story.

Black Ops Cold Warm Hijacked
An overview shot of Hijacked in Black Ops Cold War. | Provided by Activision

Activision could release another map or two throughout the season but, for launch, these appear to be the playable maps. In regard to Zombies, the gameplay trailer teased the phrase “Zombies Uncaged” and showcased some never-before-seen enemies in a new area. The undead mode is due for another map so perhaps Season 4 will deliver for fans.


The battle royale side of things is seeing a huge increase in standard content for Season 4. There will be a new desert-themed POI coming to Verdansk ’84, as showcased in the trailer. The POI has a huge crashed satellite in the center of it and seems fairly chaotic and open. Aside from that, there also seems to be a new Gulag layout.

Warzone Season 4 POI
The new POI on Verdansk ’84 in Season 4. | Provided by Activision

Activision will release a roadmap on Monday, June 14, that details when fans can expect every piece of new content in Season 4. This will go more in-depth when it comes to Operators, weapons and title-specific content. After that, fans will have to wait until Thursday, June 17 for the full update to release.

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