Black Ops Cold War players are complaining about Nuketown '84
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The arrival of Nuketown ’84 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was highly anticipated by the player base. While any new iteration of the classic map is exciting, most were looking forward to another selection in the map pool. At launch, multiplayer only featured eight 6v6 maps, so any addition to beef that number up is welcome. However, this version of Nuketown wasn’t as well-received as past versions. There’s a vocal opinion in the community that says this map is ruined by Black Ops Cold War‘s weapons and other items.

Nuketown has a problem in Black Ops Cold War

Ever since its introduction in the original Black Ops, Nuketown has been controversial. Thanks to its unique layout, various playstyles are encouraged that are generally frowned upon. Whether it’s a player camping in the top of the houses or sniping in the back of the map, Nuketown presents a ton of challenges.

call of duty black ops cold war nuketown '84 map
Image via Activision

However, in Black Ops Cold War, players are complaining about a new problem. Though it doesn’t seem like it, Nuketown features a few different long sight-lines. While some players enjoy this aspect, most players are finding these sightlines extremely difficult to navigate because of tactical rifles.

For some reason, Treyarch has really beefed up the tactical rifles in multiplayer. All four options in the class are extremely strong and are currently dominating Nuketown ’84. Players are finding it rather difficult to simply spawn and run to the middle of the map because of an AUG or M16 one-bursting them.

This isn’t a new issue in Nuketown, but it’s really magnified this year. Tactical, and some assault, rifles are wreaking havoc on the new map and leaving other players unable to get out of their spawn. Though Treyarch did just nerf some of the tac rifles, it’s evident another round of nerfs is necessary. Unfortunately, fans will likely have to wait until Season 1 for that to happen.

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