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The Call of Duty League returns with the Kickoff Classic opening matches this weekend. All twelve franchised teams will compete for bragging rights in the first matches of the season. Each team will compete in one fan-voted match this weekend. The Kickoff Classic is only meant for bragging rights and not actual matches. You can catch the start of the CDL on Feb. 11 on YouTube.

New York Subliners vs Dallas Empire

Dallas Empire was the only team in the offseason to not add to their original lineup from Modern Warfare. The only change was James “Clayster” Eubanks being dropped from the squad and moved to the Subliners. The first map was Garrison Hardpoint which went the way of Dallas Empire 250- (). The second map was Checkpoint Search and Destroy was an absolute blowout against in favor of Empire again with a 6-2 scoreline. The third and final map was Control on Raid which was closer than the last two maps. However, still went in the way of Empire with the swift 3-0 in control and the series.

Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Los Angeles Guerrillas started off hot on the first hardpoint of the series on Raid against Seattle Surge. Surge traded hills with the Guerrillas in the beginning but ended up losing multiple gunfights and lost the game 116-250. The second map was a repeat of Raid but this time on Search and Destroy instead of Hardpoint. Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson came in clutch for his team and helped Surge tie the series by winning 6-3 in Search and Destroy. The third map was Control on Garrison which was back and forth between the two teams before going to a fifth round. Surge takes the last round and wins the Control 3-2. Guerrillas pull things back for game five by taking the second Hardpoint on Moscow 250-236. Guerrillas came back strong in map five and were able to close the series out 3-2 after a 6-3 Garrison Search and Destroy.

Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers

Florida Mutineers took on the Atlanta FaZe for their first match of the CDL with both teams looking to show their dominance. FaZe kept most of their lineup, only adding Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson to the lineup. The Mutineers struggled to close out map one and lost the Hardpoint 250-218 but pulled the series back in Search and Destroy, winning it 6-5. FaZe held their own on Garrison Control, pushing Mutineers all the way to a match five. With FaZe in the lead, the Mutineers showed up in the Crossroads Hardpoint winning 250-117 to tie the series up 2-2. The final map of the series was Search and Destroy on Checkmate which went to a round ten. Although close, the Mutineers pulled through in the end and won the map 6-4. In the end they were able to close out the series 3-2 over Atlanta.

You can catch more matches tomorrow on the CDL YouTube channel.

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