Call of Duty League to feature Maven and Merk as lead casters
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One more piece has been revealed for the upcoming Call of Duty League. Announced on Twitter, Clint “Maven” Evans and Joe “Merk” DeLuca are returning to the Call of Duty casting booth. While it was reported the duo would be back for 2020, it’s only now we have official confirmation. This is a huge win for the community and CDL as a whole, with Maven and Merk being arguably the most popular casters. The duo will make their debut, along with the rest of the CDL, this weekend in Minnesota.

Maven and Merk stay in Call of Duty

There was never much doubt as to who would be the lead casters for the CDL. Though they don’t play much Modern Warfare, they’ve been seen in online scrimmages lately, most likely practicing for the season.

Maven has been leading the casters in Call of Duty esports since 2015. His popularity in the scene shot to meteoric heights during Black Ops 3 when he and fellow caster Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop were getting paired together. However, CouRage has since left Call of Duty, leaving Merk to fill in the gap.

A former professional player, Merk is one of the most knowledgeable casters in the scene. Having won with teams like OpTic Gaming and Team Envy, Merk brings thoughtful analysis to every match. Together, he and Maven make for a great combination of humor and insight.

It’s unclear how the casters will be utilized for the upcoming Launch Weekend. Most likely, Maven and Merk will cast over the more high-profile matches, like Dallas vs. Chicago. When they’re not casting, fans can expect previous Call of Duty casters like Benson and Momo to be in the booth.

The Call of Duty League officially kicks off Jan. 24 when the Dallas Empire take on the Chicago Huntsmen. Fans can fully expect to hear both Maven and Merk’s voices when the stream starts up.

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