Call of Duty: Warzone: How to avoid the gas mask animation
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The gas mask animation has been a source of frustration for Call of Duty: Warzone players ever since it came out in March. Infinity Ward made a battle royal that was immersive with its gameplay and stellar graphics. However, this little feature has made players around the globe rage.

After acquiring a gas mask from either a crate or the buy station, your character will pull it over their face upon entering gas. While this does seem like a nice effect, it can prove irritating in the middle of a fight. The animation is automatic – and, more importantly, it requires your character to put away their gun for a good second.

This has resulted in players dying because they’re unable to fight for that time. It only takes a second of inactivity to lose a battle, especially in Warzone. Since it doesn’t seem like Infinity Ward will remove this animation anytime soon, here’s how to avoid it.

Akimbo weapons

One of the ways to prevent the gas mask animation is to equip Akimbo weapons in your loadout. You can earn the Akimbo perk by completing special challenges on any handgun in Warzone. This perk allows you to duel-wield the handgun of your choice and is known to be very powerful. The downside to the Akimbo perk is the fact that you can’t aim down sight with both weapons. However, this is the exact reason why these are useful for preventing the gas mask animation.

Since you hold both handguns at the hip, Warzone doesn’t have another hand to apply the mask. Instead of going through the animation, the mask will simply drop onto your face while you have the Akimbo handguns equipped. This exploit was demonstrated by ‘six3sixkawl‘ on Reddit.

Here’s how to get no gas mask animation (sprint with akimbo) from CODWarzone

Heartbeat sensors

If you’re not into grinding through challenges to obtain Warzone‘s Akimbo perk, there are other ways to avoid the animation. One of the easier ways to prevent it is to equip a heartbeat sensor.

You can find heartbeat sensors around Verdansk in various locations or add it to your loadout. These allow you to detect enemies up to 40 meters away as long as your opponent doesn’t have ghost equipped. Like the Akimbo weapons, the sensor takes up your other hand in-game to use. This means that Warzone can not produce another hand to apply the mask.

However, this also means that you won’t have the same jump on your enemies as with the Akimbo weapons. While using the sensor, your character will look down at it as it scans. That means you cannot aim down sight while you have it equipped. You’ll have to weigh the consequences of having the sensor out or going through the animation when in battle. This exploit was also demonstrated on Reddit by ‘RoninMk7‘.

How to avoid the gas mask animation using the Heartbeat Sensor from CODWarzone

These strategies aren’t perfect, nor will they guarantee your victory in a fight in the gas. They can, however, serve as a tool to give you an added advantage.

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