Can the Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha be considered a success?
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The Modern Warfare Gunfight open alpha is now closed after a four-day stay on PlayStation 4. This was the last chance to play Modern Warfare before the Open Beta on Sept 12 (again for PS4 users only). Xbox One and PC players who pre-ordered can hop into the beta on Sept 19. For anyone else, there will be a system-wide open beta from Sept 21-23.

Overall, the Gunfight open alpha went according to plan for Infinity Ward. There were some bugs found along the way (some of which were fixed), but for the most part, things went smoothly. However, it’s often the case that a game’s communities and its developers perceive things differently. So, how did the gamers take this weekend?

How did the community respond to the Gunfight alpha?

Players were ecstatic when the alpha went live on Thursday rather than Friday. This was the community’s first experience with Modern Warfare, and though some server issues plagued the first few hours, the initial reaction to Gunfight was very positive.

While every player will have varying opinions about a certain map or weapon, gamers seemed pleasantly surprised. The maps, for the most part, played well (with the exception of Pine’s head glitches and frame rate issues) and had some solid variety to them.

Gunfight Modern Warfare

As mentioned above, there were some server issues on the first day of release. After that, though, the problems subsided. This was about the best we could expect from Infinity Ward’s first attempt at a large-scale launch for Modern Warfare. However, some players did complain about lag spikes throughout the weekend.

All that said, a majority of players agree that the best part about the alpha was the weapons. The hit detection felt fantastic, and each weapon – except for the M19 pistol – was viable to use. If this is any indication of how the weapons will feel come full release, we should be in for a good year in that department.

Was the open alpha weekend a success?

In the Call of Duty community, no answer is clear cut and dry. There will always be opposition to any opinion, as is the case in many gaming communities. So, depending on who you ask, the answer to the above question will differ.

Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha receives Docks map

Still, according to social media comments and posts, a majority of fans feel like the Gunfight alpha was a success. There weren’t too many hitches that hindered gameplay, and Infinity Ward’s communication about any issue was refreshing.

Of course, there were minor issues that Infinity Ward already stated they are working on. If these problems are fixed by the full launch of Modern Warfare, Gunfight should be a great game mode addition to the multiplayer experience.

Do you think the Gunfight alpha was a success? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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