Chicago Call of Duty will be the named the Huntsmen for the CDL
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One of the final remaining CDL brand reveals has been announced, with Chicago unveiling theirs earlier today. For the 2020 Call of Duty League and beyond, Chicago will be known as the Huntsmen. The name and logo are both the brainchild of the new NRG CEO, Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez.

NRG owns and operates the Chicago franchise spot for the Call of Duty League. H3CZ was brought on board to NRG mainly because of his experience in Call of Duty. With a starting roster set and brand unveiled, all that’s left for the Huntsmen to announce is a coach and substitute spots.

Chicago Huntsmen latest CDL brand

While the name was rumored to be the Huntsmen, we didn’t know how accurate those rumors were. However, we now have confirmation that the Huntsmen are real and have joined the rest of the teams in the Call of Duty League. Paris is the only remaining franchise yet to reveal its brand, though that should change relatively soon.

H3CZ teased the Chicago brand in a video from weeks ago, exclaiming his excitement over the idea. Of course, he couldn’t let anything slip then. Now, though, we finally have the name and logo, along with merchandise available to purchase. You can access their store following this link.

Paired with the name and logo is the tag line “Be the hunter, not the hunted.” This motto is printed on most pieces of the apparel line, most notably on the Huntsmen hoodie. We can also assume that the tag line will be on the players’ jerseys as well.

With the brand reveal out of the way, Chicago just has a few substitute spots to fill, along with a head coach. Currently, we don’t know who those spots will go to – though, as always, there are rumors. That said, these rumors aren’t anything substantial enough to report on.

Whenever we get news about the Huntsmen’s full lineup, we’ll be sure to let you know here at Daily Esports.

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