Cloud9 are DreamHack Dallas 2019 Rocket League champions
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The Rocket League DreamHack Dallas 2019 tournament has just wrapped up with Cloud9 crowned as our new champions. The results have built up much greater excitement heading into RLCS Season 7 World Championship, which is right around the corner.

Previously, DH Leipzig 2019 concluded with Team Dignitas (DIG) defeating Renault Vitality (VIT) in the grand finals. This sent out a clear message that they’re still a titan of RL esports worthy of respect.

In the lead-up to DH Dallas 2019, each region’s favorites were NRG Esports (NRG) for North America and VIT for Europe respectively. Both teams had great RLCS7 group stage results, and both qualified to the RLCS7 World Championships with first-place regional playoff results.

Day 1: Sweeps and upsets

The first day started with a big upset, when mousesports (Mouz), now relegated to the RLRS, defeated VIT. In their next game, VIT then only just about pulled through against team y0 with a game five win in the lower bracket. A shaky start for VIT, but it was mostly disregarded because of their previous DH Leipzig results.

Teams such as Team SoloMid (TSM) and DIG both qualified for day two with consecutive sweeps.

The high-seeded teams such as NRG, Cloud9 (C9), PSG Esports (PSG), FC Barcelona (FCB), and G2 Esports (G2) each comfortably made their way to qualify for day two. The day ended with the majority of our expectations coming through.

Day 2: Even more upsets

The second day brought us the matchup between NRG vs. VIT, which we all expected to be in the day three finals. VIT was blown away by NRG with a commanding sweep, which put even more doubt on VIT’s chances of making the grand finals.

Another upset then followed when TSM unpredictably beat NRG in a game five overtime, securing a well-fought-for day three qualification. Meanwhile, FCB qualified with two sweeps over their competition.

The rest of the day hosted many lower bracket upsets that not many could predict. Evil Geniuses (EG) defeated G2, ICON Esports swept PSG, and Complexity Gaming (COL) swept VIT. Three highly seeded teams ended their journeys much earlier than we all expected.

Day 3: Finals

The final day began with the quarterfinals, where we witnessed another few unexpected results. To begin, DIG swept NRG in the first match of the day, ending the run of the NA #1 seed. Then, EG took down FCB to our surprise. Both results were predicted in the opposing favor from the analyst desk. Meanwhile, C9 swept COL and TSM beat MOUZ, which was all as expected.

Then the semifinals treated us to an RLCS Season 6 rematch between DIG and C9, which ended in the same way. It would seem that C9 just knows how to get into the minds of DIG. On the opposite side of the bracket, TSM defeated EG 4-1. This advanced them to the Grand Finals, the first RL LAN grand finals for the TSM organization.

The Grand Finals started in favor of Cloud9, taking the first two series in with a six-goal differential. TSM then displayed their ability to adapt and overcome by equalizing the series. After that, C9 took the level of play to even greater heights and put TSM down. This win secures their first DreamHack title in the Cloud9 organization. However, the three players previously won DreamHack Atlanta 2017, known as The Muffin Men, before they were signed by Cloud9.

Cloud9 are DreamHack Dallas 2019 Rocket League champions
Cloud9 lifting the DreamHack Dallas 2019 trophy

Upcoming RLCS

With RLCS7 right around the corner, the results of DreamHack Dallas 2019 have laid out our expectations for the next few weeks.

While NRG could still be the rightful North American #1 seed, Cloud9 is still an extremely talented and dominant team and should not be counted out for being RLCS7 world champions. At some point, these two teams will have to fight each other for the chance to take the RLCS title.

It’s clear to see that North American Rocket League fans have little to worry about coming up to the next world championship. However, with NRG being swept quite easily by DIG, will they be back in form in time for RLCS7?

VIT has shown us a season of individual star power coming together to create a fearsome team. Even though they’re the European #1 seed, they’re still very unpredictable. Hopefully, the team can resolve these issues with another boot camp leading into RLCS7.

Will this be enough for VIT to get back in form, or should European Rocket League fans place their hopes in the hands of another team?

The next DreamHack

With DreamHack Dallas 2019 over, the quarterfinalists (Team Dignitas, Team SoloMid, Evil Geniuses, and Cloud9) receive automatic invitations to DreamHack Valencia 2019. We will also see Renault Vitality, FC Barcelona, NRG Esports, and The Peeps return as they qualified through the EU and NA Closed Qualifiers.

That’s however only 8/32 possible spots booked. Who would you like to see qualify for Rocket League DreamHack Valencia 2019?

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