The new C9 Academy 2021 roster includes OPL players, Darshan
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Cloud9 have just announced their completed 2021 Academy team roster. The new list of players includes veteran player Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya and former C9 Assistant Coach Jonathan “Westrice” Nguyen. C9’s Academy team have a history of winning several Spring and Summer Splits, and this new roster may further their success for next year’s LCS Academy seasons.

One of North America’s most popular League of Legends teams is starting strong for the 2021 Academy Spring season. C9 Academy announced the new stars of the team, which include a few OPL players and star veterans.

The new C9 Academy roster

Joining the team is OPL team Legacy Esports‘ support Jonah “Isles” Rosario, who participated in the 2020 World Championship. As a two-time OPL champion, his experience in the pro scene has proven to be impressive, especially since he only began playing in April 2019. He’ll be the team’s starting support player, replacing new FlyQuest support David “Diamond” Bérubé. Playing alongside Isles will be former MAMMOTH bot-laner and pro scene veteran Calvin “K1ng” Truong.

Also moving from Oceania is Dire Wolve’s former Coach, Shern “Shernfire” Cherng Tai. His experience playing for teams such as Team Liquid and Supernova can be useful as he takes on his role as their new jungler. He’s also an OPL champion and has participated in the 2018 World Championship as a jungler for Dire Wolves.

C9 Academy’s new mid-laner is 100 Next rookie Jouhan “Copy” Pathmanathan. The 18-year old Canadian player doesn’t have much experience on the rift, but his teammates are sure to provide helpful guidance. League of Legends veteran, Darshan, is making moves as C9 Academy’s new top-laner. He’s been in the pro scene since 2012, playing for CLG, Dignitas, and Golden Guardians Academy. Overall, Copy may not have much to worry about as he’ll have Darshan by his side.

A veteran player for 2021

CEO and Founder of C9 Jack Etienne stated that he’s “really excited to work with these players.” Adding, “this the most talented and driven academy team we’ve ever assembled.” Coaching the new roster will be C9 and C9 Academy Head Coach Westrice. With his overall expertise and knowledge of NA, C9 Academy has the potential to be the region’s top Academy team.

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