COD Mobile Season 11 roadmap revealed by the developers
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Season 11 of COD Mobile is predicted to be the game’s biggest installment yet. Since the hit mobile title is celebrating its one-year anniversary, Season 11 is being touted as the “anniversary season.” As such, the developers are planning to go all-out with the content. While not every piece of content is confirmed, we do have confirmation on the new weapons, map, and other gameplay items. The developers even revealed the official roadmap for the next season of COD Mobile, which lets us know what to expect.

Season 11 roadmap revealed for COD Mobile

As with any new iteration of COD Mobile, brand new content will arrive for players. However, this content is immediately available to play with. Instead, you need to unlock the items through either the Battle Pass or the in-game Store. Although, this doesn’t apply to the maps or modes that release with the season’s update.

For Season 11, the developers are releasing all of this content plus the one-year anniversary event. This event doesn’t have many details as of yet but we know it will be a season-long event. In terms of the gameplay content, here’s what we know will release in Season 11.

  • Map: King
  • Multiplayer Mode: Cranked
  • Two new Soldiers
  • Three new weapons
  • New Perk
  • Scorestreak: Advanced UAV
cod mobile season 11
Image via Activision

The roadmap didn’t go too in-depth with the names of certain content. This applies to the new Perk, weapons, and Soldiers. However, we’ll know that information within a few days, as COD Mobile Season 11 is set to release on October 14 at 8 PM ET. The one-year anniversary event will also release into the game with the update and there should be even more content available to unlock through various means. It’s a great time to be a fan of this hit mobile title.

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