COD Mobile to remake Modern Warfare map Shoot House in future update
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According to gameplay from a leaked Beta test, COD Mobile will remake the popular Modern Warfare map Shoot House. The leaked gameplay all but confirms this possibility but there’s still no set timetable for when fans can expect to receive the action-packed map.

COD Mobile has done an excellent job at integrating every Call of Duty title together. The hit mobile experience has seen over 300 million downloads in just over a year and generates billions of dollars. Part of the allure for fans is experiencing different COD titles in one, compact game. However, recently, Activision has been opting to introduce content from newer games. This is made even more evident by the fact that Shoot House is already being playtested.

Shoot House to make its way into COD Mobile

After introducing Hackney Yard and other Gunfight maps from Modern Warfare, remaking Shoot House was a logical next step for Activision. Leaked gameplay from a Chinese Beta test is confirmation that the map is well into its development.

At its launch, Modern Warfare featured huge maps with long sightlines and plentiful buildings. Some fans enjoyed this new direction and others simply didn’t. To try and appease the latter crowd, Infinity Ward released the map Shoot House soon after the game’s release.

The map is tiny and full of close-quarters engagements. It’s perfect for an SMG or shotgun but also has some sightlines for a sniper to have a field day. Shoot House was extremely well-received, and it’s considered one of the better maps in Modern Warfare.

While the leaked footage proves Shoot House is in the works, a release date still isn’t known. COD Mobile is currently set to receive the Season 1 update soon, which will introduce some new content. However, Shoot House won’t be a part of it. Instead, Activision could opt to include it in the Season 2 update coming sometime in the next month or so.

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