Competitive 3v3 Elimination returns to Overwatch's Arcade
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Overwatch has an all-new event going on right now in the form of Tracer’s Comic Challenge. The event is live now and offers various rewards for winning games. Along with the event comes the return of the Competitive 3v3 Elimination mode in the Arcade.

What is Competitive 3v3 Elimination?

3v3 Elimination is a game mode in the Arcade in Overwatch. The game mode is a 3v3 that takes place on a special map from a pool of Arcade maps. Each team gets to choose three Heroes to fight against the opposing team. When a player dies, they don’t respawn for the rest of the round, and the team that eliminates the opposing three Heroes first wins the round.

3v3 Elimination is a round-based mode and the first team to win three rounds wins. Players cannot choose Heroes that they have already won with already. This means that if you win a round with Mercy, Roadhog, and Pharah, you cannot choose any of those in any future round, so be careful who you pick.

The game mode offers rewards

You can earn Competitive Points for playing Competitive 3v3 Elimination in Overwatch. Just like with Competitive Role Queue or Open Queue, you will get Competitive Points for winning games and for how high your rank is when the season ends. These Competitive Points go towards buying golden guns for your favorite Heroes.

Along with unlocking Competitive Points, you can also earn the Top 500 Career Profile Icon by getting to the Top 500 in any competitive mode, including this one. So, if you don’t think you’ll ever get there in Role Queue or Open Queue, this could be your opportunity to get the rare reward.

Winning in Competitive 3v3 Elimination also counts towards wins for Tracer’s Comic Challenge and the weekly arcade loot box wins. Be sure to log in and check it out. If you haven’t played the mode before, it’s a nice change of pace from the standard Overwatch gameplay.