DAMWON, Suning seal Worlds semifinals, DRX, JD Gaming head home
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The League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals has been one rollercoaster of a ride so far as Suning and DAMWON advance to the Worlds semifinals. Both matches showcased intense matches that left casters and viewers wide-eyed, especially LPL fans watching both top Chinese teams fight face-to-face.

DAMWON advances, DRX goes home

DAMWON Gaming’s Best of Five against DRX was a surprise, as they pushed forward 3-0, securing a spot in the upcoming semifinals. The LCK team quickly swept DRX out of Worlds as they repeated the 2020 LCK Summer Finals outcome. For all three games, DAMWON outplayed DRX in objectives and map control, as well as macro-play. Unfortunately for DRX, they couldn’t compete with DAMWON’s overall skill. Although the last game DRX showed some motivation to win, DAMWON’s engagement teamfights had them stumbling to get back on track.

The superior LPL team

Suning Gaming against JD Gaming had viewers glued to their screens as both LPL teams fought for a place in the Worlds semifinals. Suning, China’s third seed, used their mechanical skills to deliver an exciting Best of Fives Friday morning. Through plenty of skirmishes and teamfights, JDG showed promising results at the start of the first game. Suning tried to turn that around but wasn’t quite successful as JDG’s jungler Seo “Kanavi“ Jin-hyeok and mid Zeng “Yagao“ Qi did some impressive moves to secure objectives, kills, and their first victory.

The following games were all short and in Suning’s favor, as they worked up the motivation to outplay JDG in kills and gold. There was also a notable moment in Game 2 where Suning’s ADC Tang “Huanfeng” Huan-Feng as Jhin performed an incredible ultimate from JDG’s base. This moment was the talk of the town in the League of Legends community as the action went viral all over Twitter. Unfortunately for JDG, they could not out-scale Suning, and communication was a weak spot during their laning phase. Overall, Suning proved they are the stronger team, leading the LPL in semifinals.

The next set of Worlds quarterfinals begins on Saturday with Top Esports against Fnatic. Following those rounds will be G2 Esports against Gen.G on Sunday.

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