Death Totem Revenant ultimate can be countered using Caustic
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After debuting in yesterday’s Season 4 update, Revenant is perhaps the strongest character in Apex Legends. With two viable abilities and a strong ultimate, it’s no wonder why so many fans are starting to main Revenant. However, with this much popularity, many are beginning to get annoyed at just how strong the death robot is. The community is particularly irritated with his ultimate ability, Death Totem. Essentially a free life, this ultimate can singlehandedly win a match of Apex Legends. Although, one fan has discovered a counter with Caustic that will completely shut down this ability.

How to counter Death Totem in Apex Legends

If you’ve been playing a lot of Season 4, then chances are you’ve run into several Revenants each match. This is the case with every new character that releases in Apex Legends. All of the players want to try their hand at using the new content.

Usually, this isn’t too much of an issue, as the previous legends haven’t been too overpowered. With Revenant, however, it’s a different story. Death Totem can genuinely help to secure wins as teams are given two chances to fight an enemy team(s).

Though, just over a day in, one fan has already found a solid counter to the ultimate. Credit goes to Reddit user kowzzzz for the idea and clip.

Caustic is going to be a great counter against Revenant from apexlegends

As we can see from the clip, by using Caustic and his gas traps, you can effectively neutralize the Death Totem. Any player who runs out of health while the ultimate is active gets sent back to the totem with one health. So when they’re transferred back, the gas trap activates, which gives the player no time to heal before being knocked down.

Of course, this is tricky to pull off in-game, as it requires you to be extremely close to an enemy team. However, if you manage to pull it off, you can knock an entire team down without firing a bullet.

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