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Next week, the Iron Crown Collection event will bring a true solo mode to Apex Legends for the first time. There is no question that playing without a team at your side involves different strategies and play styles. Here are four Apex Legends solo tactics and tricks you can use to get an edge when dropping solo!

Apex Legends solo tactics

Set up ambushes

Lifeline, Wraith, and Pathfinder can use their ultimate abilities to lure curious players closer. Use this to create killzones: small areas you want to draw other players into, where you can quickly snipe them or tag them with a Thermite Grenade or Arc Star. If you are playing another legend, you can still draw attention by agitating caged flyers and then hiding nearby.

Apex Legends solo tactics and tricks

Leave a trail of pain

Caustic and Wattson excel at passively making the map harder for other legends to traverse. Take full advantage when dropping solo in Apex Legends. Try to block off common routes like the building between Hydro Dam and The Cage. As Caustic, hide your traps behind corners and doors, and pay attention to when they set off.

Wattson’s fences are a lot easier to spot. When playing as her, place them for maximum area denial and annoyance, like this Reddit user demonstrates.

I’m a simple Legend, I see a balloon, I box it in from apexlegends

In the right circumstances, Octane’s jump pad can also be made into a trap, although setting it up in advance is tricky. Other legends can still do little things to irritate anyone passing by after them, like hiding key pieces of gear like Turbochargers. An old classic is to pick up every assault rifle you pass by and set it to single-fire before dropping it.

Bunker up

You can often feel out where the final circle is going to be, or at least where most players would approach its approximate location from. Go there early, loot it thoroughly, and stockpile grenades and spare body shields in a location you want to defend, preferably on high ground. Pathfinder is perfect for this tactic since he can find out the final circle’s location well in advance, and he can stash his supplies in a location only he can grapple to.

Apex Legends solo tactics and tricks

Stalk your prey

When playing as Bloodhound, use his ability to track other players but keep your distance. When they run into another player, swoop down on them for an easy double kill. This is a difficult strategy that requires immense patience and care, but with some practice it will start to pay off in every match. Make sure to carry a spare Ultimate Accelerant — you want to be able to quickly recharge your Beast of the Hunt ability after use.

The Iron Crown Collection event starts Aug. 13 and will run through to Aug. 27. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and content!