Dr. Mundo rework and Udyr update included in Champion Roadmap
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In a recent Champion Roadmap update, Ryan “Reav3” Mireless, the Lead Producer of champions at Riot Games, outlined the visual and thematic changes coming to Dr. Mundo. The update also touched on Udyr and his upcoming rework that fans voted for back in December of 2020. The Dr. Mundo rework includes updates to his graphics as well as gameplay mechanics.

Riot revealed the splash art for the Rageborn Mundo skin that the team teased four months ago, along with voice lines for the champion.

What to expect from Dr. Mundo’s rework

This roadmap only updates fans on the visual and thematic updates to Dr. Mundo. The team has updated the Madman of Zaun in terms of his intelligence by giving him more voice lines that reflect that. Dr. Mundo’s current voice lines display him either yelling gibberish or exclaiming his classic line, “Mundo will go where he pleases.”

“No worry, me Doctor,” Dr. Mundo said in one of his updated voice lines.

In terms of gameplay, the developers had released their philosophy on what they want to do with the champion’s rework in the previous update. The statement said that the team is looking to keep Dr. Mundo as a simple champion with his regeneration and cleavers intact.

Udyr rework first look

Udyr was chosen as the next champion to be reworked in 2022. The spirit walker won in a field of old champions like Skarner and Nocturn. The developers had little to update the community on for the rework due to how early in the process it is. But, they released early concept art for the redesign that updates the champion’s appearance to the modern League of Legends style.

Dr. Mundo rework and Udyr rework visual concepts
Provided by Riot Games

In the champion update poll that Udyr was chosen from, the developers said their plans for an update would mostly revolve around his animations. However, they would also focus on his gameplay, specifically his stances. The team stated that a goal of theirs would be to make each of his stances viable. Over the champion’s history, one stance tends to dominate his kit.

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