ELEAGUE interview with Tokido - Upcomer
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In the fifth and final part of our ELEAGUE interview series, we talk to the Demon himself, Tokido. You can check out the audio file below, as well as a transcription below that.

This interview took place during the Street Fighter V ELEAGUE Invitational Finals on July 13th, 2018 immediately following Tokido’s victory.

Daily Esports: Hey everyone, this is Kevin from Daily Esports, and joining me is the newly crowned Street Fighter V ELEAGUE Invitational champion, the demon himself, Tokido. Tokido, how are you feeling right now

Tokido: I am very happy.


DE: I can imagine so. So tell me, what was your mindset going into your match with Smug. Because Smug, he was the Terminator, he was not stopping, and he was steamrolling through everybody.

Tokido: Before this tournament, I couldn’t imagine Smug coming from losers with a win streak to Grand Finals. So actually in Grand Finals I am very scared because, we have Boxer [Balrog] players [in Japan], but not on his same level so it was going to be an exciting match I thought.

DE: Now what do you think changed once the bracket reset? Because you really took the match over at that point. How did you adapt, what did you do to cause that shift?

Tokido: Good question. A famous situation for me, at last year’s Capcom Cup, I was in Winner’s and Mena(RD) was in Loser’s, and he beat me. At the time I just continued to play, but with emotion. This time, after Capcom Cup, I think this was very bad so I changed it. This time, after Smug reset me I stood up and… how do you say?

DE: Stretched?

Tokido: Yes, I stretched and refreshed (myself), then I played.

DE: You cleared your mind.

Tokido: Yes, that was a big change.

DE: What are your thoughts going into EVO now, which is only a few weeks away?

Tokido: Before EVO I have another Premiere Tournament, I don’t have a lot of time for special matchup training, I just practice with my training partners and go to tournaments.

DE: Just keep moving forward with what you’ve been doing. It has clearly been working for you. Well, thank you very much, congratulations once again, and good luck to you for the rest of the year.

Tokido: Thank you so much.