Epic Games announces Fortnite Console Champions Cup
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Epic Games has announced the Console Champions Cup, a seasonal Fortnite tournament for console players only. The event sports a $250,000 prize pool and starts on May 14 for all regions — except the Middle East, which begins on May 13.

The Fortnite Console Champions Cup format

To enter Round 1 of the Console Champions Cup, eligible trios must rank in any division of the Champions League or higher within Arena in their respective regions. The Round 1 sessions will be played for only three hours. All teams may participate in a maximum of ten matches during this initial round.

The top-earning teams on the leaderboard from each region will advance to Round 2 of the Console Champions Cup. In round 2, teams will compete in a single session that lasts for three hours. Teams may participate in 10 matches maximum. Any match that is played after the three-hour mark will not count in Round 2.

Next, the top point-earning teams will advance to Round 3, which provides a single session to be played within three hours and  ten matches. The same process will be repeated in Round 4. However, teams can only participate in a maximum of six games within three hours for Round 4. The first match in this round will start 10 minutes after the session window begins with a new match starting every 30 minutes thereafter.

Epic Games stated that if a team fails to queue or misses the start time given for a match, they will automatically place last with zero eliminations for the match missed. At the end of Round 4, the teams with the most points will be rewarded based on the prize pool sharing system.

Scoring system of the Console Champions Cup

The scoring system used in the Fortnite Console Champions Cup is based on a player’s placement and their rounds played. Round 1 through 3 use the same scoring system as the player with the victory royale, getting 25 points. However, a player gets 30 points in Round 4 if they win a game.  Additionally, players receive one point for each elimination in the first three rounds and two points in the last.

How many teams advance in each round?

The number of teams to advance in each round depends on the region. For Europe, Brazil and North America (East and West), only the top 1500 teams will advance to Round 2. Meanwhile, for the Middle East and Asia, 600 teams will advance to the next round. For the Oceania region, the top 250 teams will advance to Round 2.

Round 3 of the Console Champions Cup will feature far fewer teams than the previous round. Both Europe and the North America (East) region will have 250 teams; the highest for any regions in this round. Only the top 33 teams in each region will advance to the final round.

The $250,000 prize will be shared across all regions with Europe having the highest share. Epic Games has also stated that a player’s prize is not transferrable and is subject to certain terms.

The Fortnite Seasonal Console Champions Cup is an exciting development for the ever-growing console community that Fortnite has. However, players must meet certain requirements to participate, as it is only open to trios within certain ranks.


Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.