Epic Games introduces new game mode Fortnite Impostors
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Epic Games released a new Fortnite game mode known as Fortnite Impostors, where 10 players enter to ensure the safety and security of the bridge. However, there are two players that are impostors, working against the team. Find out who the impostors are, or lose the bridge, Starting today on Fortnite.

How to play Impostors

There are 8 Agents who enter onto the bridge in order to keep it running and complete a multitude of tasks. These include calibrating chests and llamas, repairing the Battle Bus and delivering storm reports for analysis. Players can also spot Agent’s eliminated fragments and call a meeting in order to vote an impostor out. Players can finish all the assignments or vote out all the impostors in order to win the game

On the other side, two impostors must eliminate enough agents on the bridge before the agents finish their tasks. Impostors will have tools in order to disrupt the agents from finishing tasks.

Impostors can:

Disable assignments and freeze all progress in order to stop agents from finishing tasks
Teleport all players and impostors to different areas on the bridge to confuse agents
Activate the Peely Party, which makes all agents and impostors look like peely in order to confuse agents

Players can discuss who to eliminate by finding an eliminated agent or interacting with the discussion panel. Agents must sift through information and testimonies in order to determine who to vote out as an impostor.

How to communicate on Fortnite Impostors

Players are not able to play with public voice chat, but they are able to communicate through party chat. Fortnite has also added a private lobby option which allows for smaller groups to play the game. Private lobbies with four to seven players will have one impostor. The bridge is in your hands.

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