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Have you ever wanted to get into esports? Do you want to be a pro gamer? Do you want to meet your esports heroes? Then you’ll be excited to hear about the new EPOS Esports Masterclass, which is a Masterclass for aspiring esports players. Attendees will have access to exclusive content from the top players in the world. Specific game titles covered include CS:GO and League of Legends.

EPOS Esports Masterclass

It wouldn’t be a Masterclass without the top gamers in the world. EPOS have teamed up with big name esports partners including Cloud9, OPL/LCS, BLAST, North, and SK Gaming. Each will bring their top esports talent to the table. Attendees will receive an exclusive look into the world of esports.


There are four sessions for the Masterclass. Each covers a different aspect of gaming. The sessions on offer are:

  • CS:GO (9 PM CET Jan 9, 2021) – Overviews on fundamentals on setup, aiming, movement and general tips from seasoned professional players and veterans.
  • League of Legends (11PM PT Jan 9, 2021) – Learn tricks and strategies to improve team-based MOBA gameplay.
  • The secret to success (9 PM CET Jan 16, 2021) – The schedule required for success: balanced training, staffing, and staying healthy.
  • Deep dive into the world of esports (9 AM CET Jan 19, 2021) – Latest insights and knowledge on the esports scene.


Not only will attendees have the best information from the Masterclass, they’ll be hosted and guided by the best players and casters in the world.

Coming to each of the EPOS Esports Masterclasses are:


  • North’s Lekr0
  • Cloud9’s Es3tag

League of Legends 

  • SK Gaming’s Jenax
  • Cloud9’s Blaber

Inside the life of a pro

  • SK Gaming’s TheStrxnger
  • SK Gaming’ Benjamin Kügel
  • North’s Gade
  • North’s Christian Engell

Experts of Esports

  • Launders from BLAST
  • Spawn from OPL

Get your tickets for the EPOS Esports Masterclass

For more information on the EPOS Esports Masterclass, or to register, head to the Masterclass website. In order to get a ticket for the Masterclass you need to purchase an EPOS Gaming headset before the end of this year. Specifically, you’ll need to purchase either the GSP 300 Series, GSP 370, GSP 600 Series, GSP 670, or GSP 500. So you don’t have long. Check out your local areas to see where you can buy a headset. In the meantime, read our review on the GSP 600 and see if it’s for you.

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