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Former esports and gaming Interviewer Ovilee May has made public her displeasure over ESPN’s new esports show “Wake Up Worlds!” She and others have pointed out that the show is an exact copy of her video series called “Good Morning Esports.” Besides using identical design characteristics, ESPN may also host esport players and teams, similar to Ovilee’s morning show.

Although Ovilee’s “Good Morning Esports” is a parody of ABC channel’s “Good Morning America,” many people think ESPN blatantly copied Ovilee’s spinoff idea. Twitter users immediately thought this was going to be a collaboration with Ovilee once ESPN announced the show on its official account. Unfortunately, it’s not, and her colleagues came to her defense.

LEC Color Commentator Indiana “Froskurinn” Black stated, “ESPN stealing content creators ideas because they don’t have the budget to actually sign people and thus rely on pro bono appearances or stringing together different guests as burners since they never contract or pay.”

An esports show that’s already on air

Other users have suggested that Ovilee doesn’t own the idea of a good morning show. They have pointed out that she copied “Good Morning America,” owned by ESPN parent company Walt Disney Company. Ovilee had created “Good Morning Esports” to focus on the gaming community, something that no show has done before. Additionally, her show serves as a platform for team figures to give an exclusive insight into their work.

At this point, there’s no word whether ESPN will change the branding of its upcoming show. Other morning shows on television have similarities to each other, including guests, schedules, and artwork. In the meantime, other esports organizations are creating their pieces of artwork that parody ESPN’s “Wake Up Worlds!” Independent content creator Travis Gafford posted an image of Hotline League’s morning edition “Morningline League.” The artwork has the same color scheme of both shows.

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