Eternals in League of Legends are changing after community feedback
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The initial announcement of the Eternals for League of Legends was met with a lot of criticism. Following this, the developers have decided to make a lot of changes as announced today. A reduction in overall cost and the design behind the Eternals are all explained in their blog post on the Nexus page of League of Legends.

The new price of the Eternals

While there was no official confirmation of the cost, the blog explains that the overall cost has been reduced following the community’s response. The first major change to the Eternal system is a separation into two groups: “Unique” and “Common” Eternals.

The Common set will be available throughout the year for a cost of 225 RP. Besides this, the Common set will be available for purchase during the Essence Emporium. The Essence Emporium is Riot Games’ twice-a-year event that allows certain aspects such as skin chroma, which are generally locked behind an RP cost, to be bought through the blue essence in the game.

The “Unique” tier of Eternal will be sold at a price point of 590 RP. The Unique Eternals are as the name suggests unique to the champion they are bought for. The example that was given with the announcement was the number of times you killed an opponent with a stolen ultimate on Sylas. Each of the champions in League of Legends will have access to three Uniques to start out this set. The Common Eternals will be available for every champion.

The introduction of bundles

The blog further addresses plans to create bundles, both for specific champions and possibly sets shared among champions with a similar theme. The bundles will offer the Eternals at a reduced rate, but exact numbers are not available at this time.

The Eternals were set to launch Aug. 28 with the 9.17 patch. However, with the feedback from the community, the introduction will be pushed back for now. More information about the Eternals will be shared soon as development continues.