Ferrari added 296 GTB to Fortnite just so players could drive it off a cliff
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There’s so much you can do with the cars in Fortnite. You can give them giant wheels so they can drive up cliffs,  throw a shockwave grenade behind them to watch them fly or even pick them up with one of this season’s alien saucers. Now Ferrari is letting us do the same thing with one of their stupidly expensive luxury cars, the Ferrari 296 GTB.

“Fulfill the dream of driving a legendary Italian sports car,” reads the official Fortnite blog. “Beginning July 22, 2021, the Ferrari 296 GTB becomes driveable in Fortnite!”

Welcome to Fortnite 2021 where Wolverine hijacks your Ferrari from FortNiteBR

A slick hot rod with a max speed of 117 mph can now be found across the Fortnite map. Like the recent Loki and Rick and Morty crossovers, this is Epic Games latest marketing stunt that puts the luxury brand into the battle royale. Why? Who knows. It’s just as pointless as adding Mercedes Benz cars to Mario kart.

A Ferrari is easier to drive in Fortnite

The Ferrari has replaced the Whiplash, a more generic sports car that came with a built-in boost meter. You can still get a Whiplash by bringing off-road tires to the house North of Believer Beach. Use them on the Whiplash wreck there and you’ll be able to drive it. The Ferrari can be found in several of the locations below. The most reliable spawn point is in Misty Meadows.

Fortnite ferrari spawn locations
All Fortnite Ferrari spawn locations | Provided by u/Dusk_lmao/Epic Games

The Ferrari update has also brought a handful of challenges that unlock additional experience that players can use to level up their battle passes. The challenges include:

  • Complete Ferrari Time Trials
  • Reach Maximum Speed in A Ferrari
  • Drive a Ferrari through the Storm

It’s best to drop directly to one of the Ferrari locations to complete these challenges, but even then it isn’t easy. Some players have found that they can actually pick up the time trial markers with the alien UFOs added earlier this season. They’ve, of course, thrown the markers into the ocean.

The Ferrari is the most detailed car that Fortnite has ever seen, although it still looks horrible in performance mode. Players have already put the work in to completely destroy the 296 GTB in whatever way they can. Fire, explosions and flying metal chunks are never far away when someone is driving this bad boy around the island.

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