Flashpoint 2 CS:GO tournament features $1 million prize pool
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Online CS:GO tournament Flashpoint 2 will be having its playoffs on November 30 with the top eight teams duking it out for a prize pool of $1 million.

The winning team will take home the lion’s share of $500,000. Organized by B Site Inc. and FACEIT, the winners will also obtain a one-of-a-kind trophy customized by Timmy “SLOTH” Ham.

As for the top eight teams, they include MAD Lions, Dignitas Vie, Team Envy, and Fnatic. This is in addition to Virtus.pro, OG, BIG, and MIBR. Each of these teams made it through the Flashpoint 2 Group Play stage that occurred between Nov. 10 and 22.

CS:GO Flashpoint 2 Format Overview
Flashpoint 2 Format Overview. Image provided by Flashpoint.

The CS:GO event also reached 161,191 in terms of concurrent viewers. This achievement was only bolstered by more than 3.7 million in terms of total hours watched.

“First off, we tip our hats to the players who are bringing their best game every day while they play online throughout Europe to remain safe,” Christopher “⁠MonteCristo⁠” Mykles, the commissioner of Flashpoint, said.

MonteCristo⁠ added how he was amazed by each player’s resilience amid the global pandemic. He said that Flashpoint was also proud of being able to deliver content for their fans while sharing stories beyond the CS:GO game. The partnership with Pinnacle Esports helped with this.

“We’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves for the playoffs and Grand Final,” MonteCristo⁠ promised.

So far, the CS:GO esports tournament consisted of interviews with players, vignettes from on-air team members, as well as in-studio skits. The backdrops for the Flashpoint skits featured artwork by SLOTH.

“It’s been an honor to put my spin on the coolest trophy in any sport, the AK-47 Championship Trophy,” SLOTH said. He explained how his design was inspired by bringing a “rad game-like skin into real life.” He wanted to provide Flashpoint with something unique, and bright bright colours coupled with a pop or street art vibe fit the bill.

Smash Into Pieces, a Swedish rock band, also made an artistic contribution to Flashpoint 2. Their “All Eyes On You” piece is the CS:GO tournament’s theme song.


As CS:GO esports fans anticipate the upcoming event, they can also look forward to a fully-animated hype video by SLOTH. The video will feature the top eight teams and be showcased on Monday.

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