Former Adidas director and Fnatic CEO join Excel Esports as new top leaders
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UK-based gaming brand Excel Esports has announced its new CCO and CEO, and they have quite the background. The new Chief Commercial Officer, Robin McCammon, is a former Director of Global Sports Marketing at Adidas. Working beside him will be Wouter Sleijffers, who touts a success story as Fnatic’s former CEO.

“I am extremely excited to be welcoming Wouter and Robin to our leadership team,” said Excel Esports’ Chief People Officer, Joel Holmes-Darby. “They both bring with them valuable experience that will help us take Excel to the next level.”

A former director at Adidas

Naming Robin McCammon as their new CCO will no doubt help lead Excel Esports in a completely new direction. Before joining the team, he had no experience in the esports industry. However, he has extensive sports knowledge gained throughout his 20 years at Adidas.

During his time there, McCammon was the global leader of the World Cup 2014 project and 2012 UEFA Euro. Additionally, he took on the responsibility of maintaining relationships with FIFA, Chelsea FC, and Liverpool FC. His extensive involvement in global marketing within the sports industry could add a game-changing perspective to Excel Esports.

The former CEO of Fnatic

Wouter Sleijffers is respected as a leader of the UK’s most popular esports team, Fnatic. He spent four years overseeing their transition from a mere esports organization into a global lifestyle brand. As of April 2019, he had worked on projects including, Maika’i Copenhagen, and more.

Sleijffers also shared a few words on his new role at Excel Esports. “My experience helping create one of the most established brands in the industry meant I recognised Excel’s extraordinary potential immediately, and I’m thrilled to be helping chart its course to become an international success.”

Excel Esports

To add some insight, Excel Esports has served as a global entertainment brand in the gaming industry since 2014. Their founders, Joel Holmes-Darby and Kieran Holmes-Darby, plan to take on new positions as McCammon and Sleijffers take over. Kieran will act as Chief Gaming Officer, and Joel will take on the role of Chief People Officer.

Under their leadership so far, Excel Esports has played a crucial role in developing popular League of Legends teams. Moreover, they are a founding partner of the League of Legends European Championship. They have also done collaborations with Twickenham Stadium. As a result, they have created a high-performance training facility, known as XLHQ. Ultimately, their goal is to create long-lasting connections between brands and communities through educational, creative, and fun content.

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