Fortnite Darkfire Bundle leaked, set for November release
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A brand new Fortnite bundle has been discovered by various leakers and data-miners. We’ve seen plenty of Fortnite bundles in the past; however, they’re usually exclusive to some kind of real-world purchase. Whether it be a console or in-store item, these bundles aren’t necessarily available to everyone as some are region-locked. Although, this new bundle, “Darkfire,” will be available both in stores and online as a digital purchase. Reportedly, it will sell for $29.99 and release on Nov. 5 worldwide. Let’s see what this bundle holds and how it compares to previous Fortnite bundles.

Fortnite Darkfire Bundle revealed

Earlier in the week, leakers were able to find some unreleased skins in the game files. However, these skins were merely copies of existing skins with a darker twist on them. While this is a bundle in itself, these skins will not be a part of the Darkfire Bundle.

For the Darkfire Bundle, we have an entirely different set of existing skins that come with a dark look. @ShiinaBR on Twitter has been the main leaker discovering all of these different skins and bundles. In this tweet we can see the official art design for the Darkfire Bundle.

Fortnite Darkfire Bundle
Photo Credit to @ShiinaBR on Twitter

While this box art does have Nintendo Switch at the top, this bundle won’t be exclusive to any system. According to ShiinaBR, this bundle will release on Nov. 5, right in the midst of Fortnite‘s 11th season. It will be available at retailers, which is where the box art comes from, and on the various online stores (PS Store, iOS, etc.).

The three logos in the center of the box are what has everyone buzzing, though. Most are in agreement that each symbol corresponds to a different Fortnite skin that is already in the game. It is ShiinaBR’s belief that the first symbol belongs to the Ark skin, the second to Power Chord, and the third to Omen.

The Angel skin in Fortnite
The Power Chord skin in Fortnite
The Omen skin in Fortnite

Each one of these dark variants will come with its own back bling and dual-wielding pickaxe. ShiinaBR gives us the names of the skins and back blings coming in the Darkfire Bundle.

While nothing is confirmed by Epic Games, a leak of this magnitude is as close to confirmed as we’re going to get. Although, Nov. 5 is still a long ways away, and Epic could change its mind before then.

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