Fortnite streamer Ninja to release three gaming-themed books
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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced that he will release a set of three gaming-themed books later this year. The hugely popular Fortnite streamer recently partnered with two subsidiaries of Random House to help him publish these. To celebrate his 28th birthday, Blevins signed the deal for three books, which will release throughout this year. The first two release in August, with the third coming in December. Both August titles will serve as guides to becoming a better gamer. The third will be a graphic novel based on the 28-year-old streamer’s personality and skill.

The whole project was put together by Blevins’ management company, Loaded. In the announcement, the CEO of Loaded shared a few thoughts on the release of the books. According to him, the aim of these books is to communicate with Ninja’s fanbase both online and offline. Furthermore, he added that these will give Ninja’s fans the opportunity to learn from the best while diving into the gaming universe.

Self-improvement books and Ninja’s graphic novel

Ninja Get Good, the how-to guide that helps you become a better gamer, will be the first book released under Ninja’s brand. Besides that, the Ninja Notebook will let gamers take notes to improve their play and will also include stickers, prompts and gaming tips. The two books will be released by the Clarkson Potter publishing agency in August.

We can only speculate, but it is highly possible that both books will be Fortnite-themed. Blevins has been the most popular Fortnite streamer for quite a while, known for both his excellent gameplay as well as entertaining commentary.

Ninja Fortnite books

Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game will be a graphic novel written by Justin Jordan. Additionally, Felipe Magaña will provide the illustrations. It will center around Ninja’s comic and energetic personality as Ninja becomes trapped in a new video game and tries to escape from it. Ten Speed Press, another subsidiary of Random House, will release the graphic novel in December.

Ninja is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, averaging just shy of 40.000 viewers. Him playing with rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham on stream brought in over 600,000 viewers and skyrocketed his success even further. However, he has seen a decline in viewership over the last few months, with the likes of Shroud and Tfue overtaking him as the current kings of Twitch. Only time will tell what happens to Ninja in the future, but he certainly made history by being one of the first gamer celebrities.

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