Latest Fortnite content update adds new Air Strike weapon and more
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Epic Games just released the newest update and patch notes for Fortnite, and it adds quite a bit. First, players have a new weapon they can utilize in their arsenal called the Air Strike. You can check it out in action in the video below. Basically, you simply throw this Legendary-tier to create a storm of about 20 missiles that rain down on your targets.

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You can find this new weapon scattered in chests, supply drops, floor loot, vending machines and of course llamas. Be warned that you are only able to carry a maximum of two at a time. Of course, that’s probably all you need anyway. These bad boys deal 75 damage to both players and structures.

The Air Strike adds a whole layer to the already packed Battle Royale mode. It should prove interesting to see what sort of tactics players come up with for this new item.

Creative gets new galleries

We can’t forget about Fortnite‘s creative aspect now, can we? Epic has updated this by adding four new galleries. We now have Car Gallery B, which includes even more color car options, Snow and Mud Floor Gallery, Grass and Sand Floor Gallery, and the fiery Lava Floor Gallery.

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Save the World additions

Finally, Epic has added some new missions and systems in this update. A big addition is a new Wargames simulation called Double Trouble. As with all simulations, you’ll be testing your Storm Shield base’s defenses. This time, you will face two indestructible Golden Smashers with cycling modifiers, which will switch their target between players and your fort.

Additionally, a new weapon will come to the Weekly Store tomorrow: the De-Atomizer 9000. Available from 8:00 PM ET on July 10 until 8:00 PM ET on July 17, the De-Atomizer shoots out an energy projectile that explodes into 15 smaller projectiles. These then fire out in multiple directions, which should give this weapon lots of potential in the right hands.

This update has quite a bit to it, but there seems to be something for every type of Fortnite player here. Let us know what you are the most excited for, and of course, check out the official Fortnite website for the full list of patch notes. Stay tuned right here on Daily Esports for all your Fortnite coverage and news.