Fortnite World Cup Week 6 to be played without vehicles
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Once again, Epic Games announced that vehicles will be disabled for Week 6 of the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens. This comes after Week 5 saw vehicles disabled in the Sunday matches. There is a rare bug that causes players to remain in vehicles. Epic Games is currently working on a fix to the problem but felt the games are better off without the vehicles. The change also applies to Arena Mode.

Life without vehicles

The Fortnite World Cup Week 5 Open Online Finals proved that the game does not need vehicles. The movement was restricted, but players found ways to adapt. The top players still dominated the lobbies. Instead of relying on vehicles for transportation, players rotated towards safe zones earlier. It is impressive to see players adapt to the changes with such little notice. In Week 6, competitors now have the opportunity to create a game plan and practice their strategies ahead of time. The addition of the Slipstream supplies movement around the map. The corners of the map, besides the northeast corner, lack mobility. It is to be seen whether the center of the map is more congested due to these changes.

What are players saying?

In general, the response to vehicles being removed from competitive Fortnite was positive. Most players have been calling for vehicles, particularly Ballers, to be removed from the tournaments. The problem last week was the short notice that Epic Games provided competitors. For Fortnite World Cup Week 6, players have a couple of days to reorganize.

The most populated areas used to be the locations where Ballers spawned. The overall gameplay and rotations are likely to change without the vehicles. Expect players to land at or near locations with geysers or access to the Slipstream. Movement is critical to success during the World Cup. Competitors will use the Slipstream for movement. On the other hand, do not be surprised if players camp the Slipstream for eliminations. Those who adapt to the changes will succeed.