GaeBullSsi joins Uprising Academy, seeks joining Overwatch League
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Korean off-tank Young-sun “GaeBullSsi” Yun has joined the Boston Uprising’s academy team in North American contenders, the organization announced today.

After being known as one of the best off-tanks on the market for the off-season, he surprised everyone by recently stating that he was still looking for a team. But, the Uprising must’ve noticed that opportunity and capitalized on it, signing him to their academy team. Even with fans thinking he’s good enough to start on a Overwatch League roster, Boston seems to be more cautious. Either way, his path to the Overwatch League is a lot clearer now that it was before.

GaeBullSsi’s path to Uprising Academy

GaeBullSsi started his competitve career playing in the Pacific region for EXL-Esports in late 2018. However, he moved soon afterwards back to Korean contenders, for GEEKSTAR. He helped them finish their last season in 2018. GEEKSTAR won contenders trials afterwards to stay in the league, but seemed to always have issues against the top teams. However, with another move to World Game Star Phoenix, his career improved quickly. The team competed fiercely against top teams, and eventually beat them to win on week four in 2020. When the season ended, they finished third place, with GaeBullSsi being amongst the best on his team.

The next season turned out to be even better, winning the event against RunAway in a seven map thriller. GaeBullSsi became one of the best off-tanks on the market. But, time went on and he still wasn’t signed. He tweeted not too long ago that he was still looking to join a new team, preferably Overwatch League level.

This surprised fans across the scene, fully expecting him to have signed with someone already. But, it wasn’t a long wait this time as GaeBullSsi got picked up by the Boston Uprising’s academy team.

Promotion coming soon?

This is where fans from across the league are still a little confused. Why did he join Boston’s academy team when he is good enough to play for their main team? The leading theory is that the contenders season starts before the Overwatch League’s. So, he can get some game-time before being quickly promoted to the main team. Especially with Boston Uprising’s signing of Ji-won “Stand1” Seo earlier this off-season and teammate Jin-ui “im37” Hong, GaeBullSsi could have a Korean teammates to work with. Plus, with other big signings such as veteran DPS Terence “SoOn” Tarlier, he’ll have teammates to learn from. We still don’t know exactly what the Uprising’s plans are, but it’s nice to see GaeBullSsi get into the more constructive path to the Overwatch League.

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