Gamer hacks into TV to play Apex Legends at the airport - Upcomer
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This past week, an unidentified traveler at the Portland International Airport decided to plug in his PlayStation 4 to a monitor that is typically used to show a map of the international facility, as confirmed by Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds and reported by The Oregonian.

“[Playing games on a monitor] is obviously something that we don’t want to have happened,” Simonds explained. Apparently operations supervisors talked to the player and “very kindly asked this person to unplug and cease using the monitors at the airport.” This real legend of a player asked “very politely” if he could finish his game, but the answer was no, thus facing the classic sting of untimely rejection we gamers are all too familiar with.

The apex legend of the airport

It was the morning of Jan. 16 that this monitor in the Portland International Airport helped travelers by showing them a much different map — the fire-and-ice-themed World’s Edge, which was introduced for Apex Legends Season 3, Meltdown.

It’s an interesting and bold move to see a gamer so hungry to connect and compete. Nonetheless, we here at Daily Esports don’t advocate for taking such an inconvenient approach to gaming. We do love the idea of mobile gaming though. If you are ever so inclined to game on the go, we highly suggest just grabbing yourself a Nintendo Switch instead of plugging into an airport. There are rumors swelling of a “Switch Pro” model to come out this year too. There is also Alienware’s curious UFO prototype and Xbox’s upcoming Project XCloud streaming service.

How do you guys feel about the Airport Apex Legend? Do you see yourself trying to catch a few rounds of Apex on the go? Let us know in the comments! Check back in with Daily Esports for all the latest esports news.