Gen.G supports collegiate esports with all-women's tournaments
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Gen.G and the University of Kentucky have announced a line-up of summer collegiate esports events for students in the United Kingdom. The summer programming includes a fundraiser, a back-to-school welcome week and the ChallengHER series.

ChallengHER series

The ChallengHER series is an all-women’s League of Legends and VALORANT tournament. Taking place on July 10 and 17 at 3 p.m. ET, the goal of the ChallengHER series is to promote inclusivity and positivity for women in esports.

As for where to watch the series, it will be broadcast live over on the University of Kentucky’s Twitch channel. Those who wish to compete in the ChallengHER series can sign up now. While League of Legends competitors will play 2v2 games, VALORANT participants will duke it out in 5v5 matches.

Gen.G supports collegiate esports with all-women's League of Legends and VALORANT tournament
ChallengHER series schedule. | Provided by Gen.G and the the University of Kentucky

“We are excited to partner with the University of Kentucky to bring these summer activations to our esports fans and UK students,” Julien Benichou, the director of partnership activations at Gen.G, said.

Benichou added that the ChallengHER series is an opportunity to bring women together, showcase their abilities and foster a sense of community. “Gen.G has been a champion of gender equality and inclusivity since our founding and this event is one we are exceptionally proud of,” Benichou said.

More esports programming and fundraiser

The University of Kentucky will also host monthly streams on Twitch, with the Cornerstone Commentary series allowing speakers within the gaming industry to share their experiences.

To welcome students as part of the orientation process, the university will host an event between August 19 and 22. It will take place in the Cornerstone, which is the school’s official gaming space.

The Gen. G Tigers NBA 2K team are also located on the campus, the press release noted.

“UK is proud of its esports roots through our partnership with Gen.G over the years,” Heath Price, the associate CIO at University of Kentucky, said. “Our line-up of summer programming is a unique opportunity to unite Big Blue Nation in a major way and welcome our students back to campus while showcasing our exceptional esports facility and program.”

As for the fundraiser, Gen.G will partner up with content creators on August 7 for a charity gaming livestream. The proceeds will go to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Gen.G and the University of Kentucky will host the collegiate esports events starting July 10.

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