Going over Call of Duty: Warzone's second mode, Plunder
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The addition of a new battle royale to the Call of Duty franchise is exciting through and through. Call of Duty: Warzone looks to be a great entry for the series and appears to have fixed many of Blackout’s mistakes. Unlike Blackout, Warzone will have tons of new features coming with it at launch. One of those features is a second mode alongside the battle royale. Named “Plunder”, this mode emphasizes Cash, which is the new in-game currency. Today, we’ll go over how this mode compares to the battle royale in Warzone.

How does Plunder work in Warzone?

If you missed our earlier article on how Cash works, then make sure to check that out before you go on reading. What Plunder emphasizes is Cash, which in the normal battle royale is used for purchasing useful items like killstreaks.

However, in Plunder, Cash is used to actually win the whole match. You drop in like a normal match of Warzone, but your objective is different. Instead of looking for enemies to kill, you’ll be looking for stacks of Cash.

Plunder can only be played in Trios mode, so you’ll team up with two others for this search. Essentially, your goal is to accumulate $1 million between you and your teammates. You can die in this mode, but you’ll respawn within 15 seconds.

Call of Duty Warzone Plunder mode Cash pile
Image courtesy of Charlie Intel.

When you die, though, you drop your Cash. To ensure you don’t drop large amounts, you can deposit your Cash in two different places. The first of these is on marked helicopter pads around the map. The helicopter pads don’t have a Cash limit, so you can deposit as much as you have.

The second way is to drop the currency into Deposit Balloons, which can be bought at Buy Stations. The catch with these balloons is they have a deposit limit of $150,000. This combines you and your teammates’ Cash.

Warzone is set to release tomorrow, Mar. 10, at 11:00 a.m. ET for Modern Warfare owners. If you don’t own Modern Warfare, you’ll need to wait until 3:00 p.m. ET.

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