Ground War exploit shows a window can only be shot through one way
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A new glitch has emerged on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s fan favorite Ground War game mode. The issue occurs on Tavorsk District, located near the D flag. A clip of the glitch was first captured on the game’s subreddit.

The Ground War exploit

The player that appears to be on PC is shown spawning on the captured D flag. Also, the player positions himself in a nearby building with the round windows. Next, the player is seen approaching the window and the player attempts to take a couple of sniper shots. The shots, which are shown to be perfectly aligned with the enemy, do not register. In fact, the player proceeds to step back in confusion and shoot regular bullets at the glass. Following this, no bullets appear to be going through the glass, and the glitch has caused concerns as it gives players a disadvantage.

1 way bullet proof glass?!? this game is crazyyy!!! :/ from modernwarfare

While the bullets from the player were not connecting, they did appear to connect from the outside. This lead the player to quickly die to an enemy in the opposite building. This exploit will lead to many frustrations until it is fixed as players from the outside can easily shoot players within the building and receive no response. Other players who experienced the same issue have claimed that explosives could not be shot through the same side of the window either.

As Modern Warfare developers are yet to address the issue, it is unknown if this exploit will be fixed in the next update. Until then, players should be mindful of it when playing Ground War on Tavorsk District. Being aware of this will decrease frustrations and ensure Ground War fans do not fall victim to other players who may be taking advantage of the glitch.

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